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Dear Shareholders,

Due to the fast changing context and more complexity in business operation and society, which impacted global economy and domestics economic growth.

Year 2017 was a challenging one, and it was the year to reflect on the necessity of a flexible and adaptive business foundation in order to drive the business forward with stability and sustainability.

Year of challenges came with opportunities. S&P has set the direction to drive business reform in order to accommodate with such changes under the "virtue for sustainability" concept by emphasizing on technology development and effective operation system and in line with the changeing of social environments with the following business reform plan.

  • Reformation of management structure in accordance with customer group behaviors. This is to ensure that products and services, including marketing strategies, cater each customer group appropriately.
  • Implementation of Digital Platform to support productive communication strategies in order to reach customer groups and expand consumer base through channel centralization. Digital marketing communication is a key factor in managing costs effectively.
  • Sustainable business development and social responsibility because we put great importance on sustainable business practices with environmental-friendly innovations in order to adapt to ever changing social conditions, business sustainability, and society in the long run.

In order to achieve business reformation goals, cooperation from all sectors are crucial for sustainable growth.

I wish to thank our shareholders, customers, partners, government and private sectors for always entrusting us and have confidence in S&P. I would also like to thank our employees and executives for the constant support and devotion, which has resulted in today’s success. Please rest assured that the company will continue to operate under good governance with society, community, and environmental responsibility to ensure stable and sustainable growth.

Chief Executive Officer

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